Light Beyond Darkness



Rainwater Reflections

I took these photo shots last night at Dusk in the puddles of the rain storms…

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Arkansas Tornado

Yesterday Arkansas was one of the states that had serve weather storms. We had a Tornado touch down in a few of our cities that caused great damage and casualties.

The Tornado destroyed many homes and lives in the cities f Mayflower, Vilonia, Bold Knob, and Searcy. My heart and prayers go out to the ones that lost homes, lives, and loved ones. Please pray for the families everywhere that lost so much.

I am thankful that my loved ones are all safe and sound, my heart aches for those that were not so lucky.

Also don’t forget all the other states that where hit by Tornado’s and sever weather, they need our prayers too…Oklahoma and Iowa

Can You See It?!?

Can you see what it is???

Back when we had the bad ice storm, an idiot driving a truck was trying to come down our steep hill and he didn’t quite make it…he had a head on collision with this tree. W few weeks later when the weather had cleared up and the removed his truck off this tree this was the impression that was left.

Crazy Mother Nature


00 001 0002 2 4 5 007 011 014We started out late last night with rain, at 10 am this morning it was still raining, by noon it had switched over to light snow, then a few hours later it began to snow heavily, and now at 6pm our ranch is completely snow covered…what I find CRAZY is that Friday we had temperatures in the 70’s, yesterday they were in the 60’s, and today we have SNOW!! 🙂