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I always enjoy a trail that leads to something rewarding, like a viewpoint or waterfall. But instead of just one attraction, the trail into Clark Creek Hollow, also called “Lost Valley”, offers up several worthwhile destinations, including a natural bridge, a waterfall, and a cave.

The trail begins at a footbridge, that crosses Clark Creek. The first big attraction on the trail is the natural bridge. It doesn’t look like what I expected, instead, this natural bridge looks more like a creek flowing out of the middle of a rock. In order to emerge here, Clark Creek had to carve its way through 50 feet of limestone. From the natural bridge, the trail climbs up some rocky steps.

Further up the trail, the path splits, and you can go downhill to Eden Falls, or continue on the high road towards Eden Falls Cave.

We went on up to the falls where the 40-foot-tall Eden Falls makes a lovely descent into a small hollow. It’s a beautiful, quiet and relaxing spot, where you can sit on a rock and enjoy the solitude.

Once you return to the main trail, you can turn left to return to the trail head, or you can turn right to continue on to the cave. If you do decide to go the cave make sure to bring a flashlight. There is another beautiful waterfall inside the cave, but you have to travel into the cave and at times crawl through low spots to get to the waterfall that is beyond the point where sunlight can reach. My husband and I did not do the cave this time due to my back issues, but we have been before ( I did not have a camera then) and we are planning to go back this fall and go inside the cave so I can get some pictures of that wonderful waterfall!

Also on the drive to “Lost Valley” you will probably get to see our Elk…they are everywhere up here, but especially in Boxley, Arkansas!

To get to “Lost Valley State Park” it is located near Ponca, Arkansas, just south of the intersection where Routes 43 joins Route 74. So if you ever come through Arkansas you must come to the Ozark Mountains and visit our many wonderful trials, parks, caves, and national forests!

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