Slide & Tent Camo Childs Bed…Super Cool!

My hubby and I bought this awesome cool bed today for our grandson…He loves it, he has not stopped laughing and playing on it or in it since we got it home and put it together for him. On the way home he kept looking in the back of our truck saying…”Super Cool Nana, Papa…My new bed!”





















The Road Home…

My Road Home…Country Road Take Me Home…002

~Money Saving Ideas~

Okay so here is another great idea that break your budget! My home was built in 1968 and I have the original hardwood floors throughout my home. Over the years they have gotten scratched up and became dull looking. One of these days we are going to have them refurbished, but for now I have been trying to think of something that I could do NOW to make my floors look better.

I love using Old English Oil on old furniture I buy at Yard Sales, Flea Markets, and/or Thrift Stores, because it brings them back to life making them beautiful once again.

So I had a brainstorm yesterday…I decided to use some Old English Oil on a small area of my Hardwood Floors to see what it would do. It turned out great, so I decided to do my whole living room floor. Only thing was I did not want to be down on my hand and knees for hours with the Oil and rag because of my arthritis.

Then another idea came to me, so I went to the Dollar Store and bought one of them cheap sponge mops. I got back home and I sprinkled some of the Old English Oil on areas of my living floors, and then used the sponge mop to spread it around and mop it in. It worked GREAT!!!

Now my floors look so much better, and all it cost me was a total of $5.00, and about 30 minutes of my time.

Old English Oil comes in a dark color and a light color. I used the dark color on my Hardwood Floors, the light color is more for light oak, and blonde pine wood furniture and floors. It also only takes a little Oil to go a long way!



All I can say is WOW….I LOVE how my floors turned out!!