Illumination Combustion Part 2

There are a lot of photos, you know me I love to take photos and share them…

This 2nd set of pictures is of the beautiful Fireworks display the park gave for all of us to enjoy, you will see in a few photos how much my grandson was enjoying the show…

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Illumination Combustion Part 1

With everything that has been going in my neck of the woods I have not really had the time to upload all my photos from our 4th of July Fireworks display my family and I attended at Bull Shoals Lake on July 3, 2014…but today I finally was able to do that.

There are a lot of photos, you know me I love to take photos and share them…

The 1st set of photos are of Kaden making some friends before the Fireworks Show…

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Crystalline Water Formation

My son and his son are building their first ever snowman…March 03, 2014. This is one for the treasure chest of memories.


~Fun in the Sun~

Today we went to the beach to have a cook out and we did some swimming. My little guy got his belly full and fell asleep in the water on his inflated boat….TOO CUTE!

I did put him the shade {my umbrella)) because of his fair skin plus he had 85spf sun block on too. We had a blast. I just had to share these pictures!!

~Have a Fun & Safe Memorial Weekend~

~Finding Your Happy Place~

Have you ever notices how “energy” is important is to happiness?? However when we are feeling blue it can hard to rally up the mental and physical energy needed to do things that will make us happy. Working in the garden, taking on a craft project, planning a gathering can seem to much of a hassle, but sitting out butts down in front of the TV or computer, and eating that bag of chips, cookies, or tub of ice cream is enticing and an easy fix.

But as most of us know that bad carbs and loads of sugar are the routes to lifting our spirits! How do we keep our spirits up, you may ask? Well the first thing is to do is find when your energy plunges in your daily routine of life. Once you have done that then there are many things you can do to keep your energy higher.

However the most important two things a person needs to do to keep long term energy is to always get plenty of sleep, and get some type of exercise in your life.

Here are some tips that get me through my energy slumps:

I listen to one of my favorite upbeat songs that usually lightens my mood which then makes me want to dance{one way to exercise}!

If the sun is shinning then go outside. Sunlight is always good for you, in moderation that is, don’t go getting all sunburned, so make sure to protect your skin! It has been shown in some studies that sunlight stimulates our brains and gives us an extra kick of energy!

Go for a walk! Walking has always helped me sort things out in my mind, decreasing any stress I may have, and I always return feeling happy, and energetic….it’s those so called endorphins we release when we exercise!

Last but not least try find a way to put some FUN into your weekly routine. Maybe once or twice a week, if not more. Try a new recipe, go window shopping and try on new clothes, shoes, and hats with a friend…you now have a “fashion show!” The doctors have always said that laughter is the best medicine!

I like to combines some of the above when I am really in the dumps…like listening to an update song on my iPod while I go for a walk. You know that whole “two for one” theory!



So the next time you feel yourself having the blues, before you reach for that remote, bag of chips, or tub of ice cream I “CHALLENGE” you try one of the above or find some other positive outlet to get back your “Happy Place”…you energy!