~My View~

Oh how today is such a Beautiful Day. I know that it is Father’s Day, and I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s in the world. I know that God made today beautiful enough to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful holiday. My Dad is no longer with me in body but he will forever stay with me in Spirit until the good Lord calls me home to join him, and there is where I will get to see my loved ones once again. So I’m am making a special shout out to the Heaven’s to wish my Heavenly Father the Lord, and my Earthly Father James C. Taylor a Happy Father’s Day! ♥

When I got up this morning and let the dogs outside I could not believe how beautiful today is, and so I got my drink, laptop, and camera and I am now sitting out under a shade tree enjoying the constant cool breezes, and loving life.

Here are a few pictures of “My View” from my front yard!


~Southern Gal & Northern Guy~

OK, so as most of you know I am a true 100% Southern Gal with the deep southern accent and mixed in there is a little Redneck too. Well my husband is originally from Ohio, in fact all his family is from Ohio, but they are now are spread out all of the US. Anyway I love my in-laws as much as I do my own parents (I know this is unusual most women do not like their in-laws…lol).

Anyway my husband and his family love to joke and kid me about the South, Arkansas, and Rednecks! Believe it or not my husband and his family really do love the South, they love our Southern Hospitality, our culture, our deep family roots, and most of all our deep rooted Religion. They really get a kick out all the cute sayings and pictures related to the South and to Rednecks and I must admit I do too!

So here is a really cute photo I found that is really cute, funny, and unfortunately true here where I live….LOL!


~The Greatest Hero~

There once was a man who went out with his friends on a Saturday night to a bar in the Spring of 1975. While at this bar, him and his friends spotted this woman who they all thought was very beautiful, and each one of them bet the other one that they could get her to dance with him. The first gentleman named was Phillip, and he approached the beautiful woman and asked her for a dance, but to his dismay she had told him no thank you. The second guy,named Randy, approached her a little while later and asked her for a dance too, and once again she said. “No Thank You.”

Now she had told 2 of of the 3 guys “No Thank You”, and he was sure she would say the same thing to him, but he was one not to back down from a bet. So later that night he approached her and asked her for a dance, and to his surprise she said. “Yes!”

They spent the rest of the night talking and dancing. When the night ended he asked if he could call her sometime, and while she hesitated for one brief moment she decided to give him her phone number.
The very next day he called her, and each day after that he called her. That Friday and Saturday night she went out with him on an actually date, and each weekend after that too.

Now she was an already made family, you see she was a divorced woman with a 2 year old daughter, but this did not matter to this guy, he was already falling in love the woman and as for the daughter he loved her from the moment he met her.

They dated for 3 months, and during this time they had some dates to themselves and other times he wanted to include her daughter in their dates. In fact on one of their dates, he took this woman and her daughter out to dinner, and then drove down to the lakeside to watch the sunset. He and this woman got out of the truck and just walked to the front of the truck. This woman’s daughter did not want to get out, so she told her to stay in the truck and just call if she needed her mother. They rolled down the windows, and she and her man went to stand at the hood of the truck and watch the sunset.

While they were admiring the sunset, this little girl decided to play with the man’s keys that he had taken out of the ignition and placed on the dashboard of his truck. So she got the keys and was playing with them in her hands, when she saw that her mother and this man had turned around to get back into the truck. So she threw the keys back onto the dashboard, but they slid down the dash and went into the vent.

When her mother and the man got back into the truck, he began looking for his keys. When he could not find them anywhere, her mother turned to her daughter and asked her, “Do you know what happened to his keys?” The little girl nodded her head and the tears began to roll down her cheek. The little girl pointed to the dashboard’s vent, and her mother immediately began apologizing to this man for what her daughter had done. He just laughed and told her it was no big deal, and then he turned to the little girl who was crying and shaking with fear, and he asked if he could hug her. The little girl nodded her head yes, as he embraced her in a big ole’ bear hug, he said to her, “Now, now it’s OK. I am not mad at you or even angry with you. I can get the keys out, and then why don’t we go for an ice cream?” The little girl’s tears stopped flowing and her frown was replaced with a bright smile.

They sat there for about 30 minutes while he used his tools to take the dashboard apart, got his keys out, and then put the dashboard back together again.
That was the moment that the woman knew she could admit her love for this man, and let her love shine. That was the moment she knew that this man would be a great father to this little girl.

After dating for only 3 months this woman married this man, and they were happily married for 25 years. When the little girl was 3 years old this man filed for a petition to adopt her. Now this little girl’s biological father was still alive, but he was unable to be in her life. So he willing let this man adopt this little girl, and he become her legal father.

This man was the best father any child could have ever asked for. He was always there for her, he taught he so many things, and he loved he unconditionally. He always said blood or not she would always be his daughter.
This man and woman tried to have more kids, but it just wasn’t in meant to be. However they did have their little girl who grew up into a woman and gave them two grandchildren who they dotted on.

This man I am talking about is my father, James C. Taylor. I know that many girls grow up being “daddy’s little girl” and having a special bond with their fathers. However I know that my bond with my father was different, it was more special then other father-daughter bonds. I had a connection with him that is hard to express with words. This man whose blood DOES NOT run through my veins wanted me to be his daughter, when my biological father did not want me. He wanted me when no one else did. I was ALWAYS on his heels, and I ALWAYS wanted to be just like my dad. My mother use to laugh and say that if James ever came to a sudden stop they would have to take him to the hospital just so they could remove me out of his ass….as I said I was ALWAYS on his heels.
Besides God, this man, my father, James C. Taylor, has always been and will forever be my Hero! He was taken from me when I was only 26 years old, he died trying to drive to the doctor for a pain he was experiencing in his arm and shoulder. He had been working for a neighbor when he said he had to go because the pain was to great, he knew he needed to go see the doctor. He was only 2 miles from the doctor’s office when his heart exploded in his chest killing him instantly and causing him to have a one person vehicle accident.

The most wonderful Man, Husband, and Father died on March 28, 2000. He was only 58 years old.

My father made a friend everywhere he went, he never had one enemy in his life. He was a very likeable and loveable guy. He was the most honest man I had ever known, he ran a small engine repair business, and if he repaired/fixed something of yours, and it broke down again for the same reason as before, then my father would repair/fix it again completely FREE, he would not charge for the parts or labor. My father also did a lot of repairs and fixing things for the elderly that was on fixed incomes for a very little fee to free, and for any widow my father always repaired or fixed their items for FREE, and he would do things like run errands, mow/weed eat their yard for FREE! I believe my father tried to live and do as God wants us all to do.

Even though it had been 12 years since his passing, the pain is as fresh as if he died today. When people tell you that the pain gets better with time, and time heals all wounds, this is NOT TRUE, the pain is as great today as it was they very first time I received the news of my father’s passing. What does get better with time is knowing that he is in a better place, and while the pain still hurts as much as it ever has, time allows you to live in and think about all your Happy times with your loved ones, and relive those moments to keep your heart light and filled with more LOVE then sorrow. So while I still grieve as much as I ever have, I find that my spells of grieving are much less then that first year, I find that I live more in the happiness of his memory then in the loss of his death!

While I still grieve for my father, I find happiness in knowing that when the good Lord calls me home, I will get to rejoice in his Kingdom with my Father the Lord, and with a very great man named James C. Taylor!

~In Loving Memory of My Father~

~How Pepper Became Pepper~

It was on a Saturday in November of 2007 when my husband and I made our weekly trip to WalMart. On the way into the store I saw a man and his daughter giving away “Free Puppies” out of the back of their truck, but my husband and I just passed them up because there were a lot of people over their looking at the puppies.

Well 2 hours later when my husband and I emerged from WalMart, I noticed that man and girl was still at their truck bu this time they were by themselves. So while my husband put the groceries away in our van, I walked over curious to see what “breed” of puppy they had.

Well the only had one puppy left, a female, and according to them it was a Blue Healer and Australian Shepherd mix. I told the guy good luck on finding her a home, and as I walked away I heard him tell his daughter is was about time for them to go, and she asked about the last puppy. He said they would just dump her off somewhere because they could not afford to keep. She started crying as the loaded themselves into their truck.

As he was leaving the parking lot I flagged him down, and I told him I could not help but overhear their conversation. He turned a little red and started apologizing while he told me he was out of work, and they could not afford to feed another mouth.

My husband had already walked over to us by this time, and when I looked at him he nodded his head. So I told the man that we would take her, the little girl brightened up at that news. So I got the little female puppy, and on the drive home she insisted for some reason to be in my arms. So hear I am driving the van with one hand while holding her with the other hand while she slept curled up on my right shoulder in the crook of my neck.

By the time we got her home I had thought of the perfect name for her….Pepper. I named her that because of her coloring and spots she looked liked the seasoning “pepper!”

As she grew up her breed really came out in her, and my vet stated that she was a mixed Blue Healer/Australian Shepherd/Pit dog. She also had a one of a kind personality too. As long as my husband or I were home and we allowed others to come onto our place or in our home she would be extremely friendly, but if we were not home then NO ONE…no matter if she was friends with them or not…was allowed on our property on in our house.

We found this out when our youngest son was home alone with Pepper, he was 18 yrs old then, and our neighbor Jack, who has loved on Pepper a million times over, came down to see our son. Well naturally our son let Jack into our home, and Pepper came running to the door barking and tried to attack Jack, but our son caught her in time and told Jack to step back outside. When we got home our son told us this, so I called Jack to make sure he was OK, and to ask him if he would come back over because my husband and I wanted to try to figure out what was going on with Pepper, making sure she was not turning mean. Jack got there and she was her loveable self licking him all over, so we tried an experiment. We left our son and Pepper alone in the house while my husband and I got in the car and drove out of the driveway, and then Jack approached the house again. Jack did not enter the house but through the screen door we could see and hear Pepper. She wanted to attack him, but as my husband and I walked up to the house and she saw us she immediately turned friendly towards Jack.

We had figured it out…no one was allowed on our place or in our home unless Mom and Dad was home and said it was OK….talk about a damn good guard dog!

We also called Pepper our “Kangaroo Dog” because one day the mailman came to our patio door with a package, and my husband stepped out onto the porch to accept the package and talk to Joe (our mailman) for a minute. While my husband was talking, our mailman’s eyes got big as he pointed to the patio door behind my husband and said, “do you see what your dog is doing?” My husband turned around and begin to laugh at Pepper, she was jumping from the floor to the very top of the patio door and with her feet she pushed herself off the door each time. Joe said he never seen an animal jump like except for a Kangaroo! After that she did it all the time.

We have a wooded picket fence around our front yard and when she would see me or her daddy came home she would greet us by jumping up on top of the fence and holding on to it with her two front paws.

She was a very good dog, very loveable, very acceptable to other animals we already had or had brought home. She was NEVER mean unless some came onto the place that was not family when her mommy or daddy was not home.

Her birthday was October 8, 2007 and she died on October 14, 2011…she was only 4 years old. She died from a rare disorder called Autoimmune Anemia. Our vet said there really is nothing that is successful that you could do to reverse it, and they still do not know 100% for sure what can cause an animal to get it. They do know that in rare cases it can be carried and transferred by ticks, but he did not think that to be in our case. ALL our animals get their shots and boosters on time, they are all on heart worm preventative, and they are all on Comfortis for fleas, flea larva, and ticks.

When it hit her it hit hard and fast, She was fine until around 8pm Thursday night and then she became lethargic and as the night progressed her breathing became very labored. I stayed up with her all night holding her and loving her and getting her to take liquids. As dawn came Friday morning I rushed her to our Vets and he took her back to run test. Forty five minutes later he came back to tell me what she had, what treatments were available and what the percentage rates of these treatments were, but before I could answer him on how we wanted to proceed, he told me he checked on her before he came out to see me and she had died. I broke down. We buried our baby that night in our own little pet cemetery we have on our property.

While she remains in my heart forever and it is always great remembering about our Pepper girl, the pain is still there and the tears still flow for she will forever be loved and missed.

This is Pepper two days after we brought her home!

This is Pepper the year she died!

I have more photos and videos that I will post later of Pepper…right now they are locked away for safe keeping!