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Elongate Reptiles

This little fellow decided he wanted to play peek-a-boo and other games too with me. 🙂

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Jewelry and Crafts by Rachel Pippin

If many of you are like me then you love getting great deals. Well here are some awesome quality and beautifully handcrafted jewelry and crafts a friend of mine makes. She can make these in custom colors and varying sizes.

What kind of jewelry and crafts does she make you ask? Well she makes bracelets with or without matching earrings, and earrings. She makes charms that you could hang from the rear view mirror of your car, or use them elsewhere like hanging them in your house or office. Or you could use them for decorating and dĂ©cor in your home or office by placing them on desk, tables, bookshelves, etc…

She makes handmade items such as Spiders, Dragonfly, Caterpillars, Butterflies, and much more. She also takes special request orders too. You can also request what color beads you want, what size (she’ll let you know if it’s too small or too big to make), and if you want your item made in special beads like fancy silver beads, or Swarovski Crystals she can do that too for a price.

Below are approx. prices…prices may vary depending on size, and quality of beads used:

  • Small Spider (size of a silver dollar) $4.00
  • Small Dragonfly: $2.00
  • Large Spider $6.00
  • Bracelet: $3.00
  • Bracelet w/matching Earrings: $5.00
  • Earrings Only: $3.00
  • Car/Home/Office Charms $5.00

For more information, special request, estimate of cost, and/or to order your custom made item(s) then please contact Rachel Pippin at https://www.facebook.com/rachel.c.pippin or at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rachels-Arts-Cratfs/257254451065252

Here is just a few samples below of her skills:

1980562_10203825650020794_956783218_n 10003094_10203825639300526_1286867810_n DragonflyAll Artwork, Jewelry, Crafts, & Images are Copyrighted by Rachel Cole Pippin. Personal use or republication of these without the written consent of Rachel Cole Pippin are in strict violation of the Copyright Laws.