Illumination Combustion Part 2

There are a lot of photos, you know me I love to take photos and share them…

This 2nd set of pictures is of the beautiful Fireworks display the park gave for all of us to enjoy, you will see in a few photos how much my grandson was enjoying the show…

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Illumination Combustion Part 1

With everything that has been going in my neck of the woods I have not really had the time to upload all my photos from our 4th of July Fireworks display my family and I attended at Bull Shoals Lake on July 3, 2014…but today I finally was able to do that.

There are a lot of photos, you know me I love to take photos and share them…

The 1st set of photos are of Kaden making some friends before the Fireworks Show…

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Slide & Tent Camo Childs Bed…Super Cool!

My hubby and I bought this awesome cool bed today for our grandson…He loves it, he has not stopped laughing and playing on it or in it since we got it home and put it together for him. On the way home he kept looking in the back of our truck saying…”Super Cool Nana, Papa…My new bed!”




















Dilly Dallyer

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Lost Valley Part One

This is where I took my grandson yesterday and we had a blast. I have been here many times with my kids and hubby, but this was the first time for my grandson. This post is about Lost Valley State Park, I will have another post about Lost Valley later on with al the pictures I took of Kaden and me, and some of the things we seen.

The trail begins at the Lost Valley State Park and terminates in a cave 1 1/2 miles up the valley. Features include waterfalls, a cascading creek, towering cliffs, a large bluff shelter, a natural bridge, spring wildflowers and a hardwood forest containing American beech. The cave itself is a tight squeeze for approximately 200 feet ending in a large room with a 35-foot-tall waterfall. Clark Creek, like most tributaries to the Buffalo River, tends to dry up or go underground during the late summer and early fall of most years. The first mile to Eden Falls is level and easy going. The trail then climbs steeply to the mouth of the cave. You will need reliable lights if you plan to explore the cave.

Eden Falls … Photo Provided at:

More pictures of Lost Valley … Photo Provided at:

As you approach the Cave …Photo provided at:

As you enter the large Chamber … Photo provided at:

More inside the Cave …Photo provided at

The Cliffside … Photo provided at:

What Lost Valley looks like from afar … Photo provided at:

Arkansas Tornado

Yesterday Arkansas was one of the states that had serve weather storms. We had a Tornado touch down in a few of our cities that caused great damage and casualties.

The Tornado destroyed many homes and lives in the cities f Mayflower, Vilonia, Bold Knob, and Searcy. My heart and prayers go out to the ones that lost homes, lives, and loved ones. Please pray for the families everywhere that lost so much.

I am thankful that my loved ones are all safe and sound, my heart aches for those that were not so lucky.

Also don’t forget all the other states that where hit by Tornado’s and sever weather, they need our prayers too…Oklahoma and Iowa