Can You Guess What This Is?

Can you guess what breed this baby bird is?? Now no cheating and looking it up on the Internet!…LOL

Bare Naked Ladies

Here are my Bare Naked Ladies that just pop up out of the ground! I always thought that this was WEIRD name! I love the flowers and then music band! LOL


Here is the band…BARE NAKED LADIES!!

Buffalo River

Our 2011 Canoe Trip Down the National Buffalo River! These photos were taken with my old little compact camera!



Hardwood Amphibian

The other day I was watering the horses, and in the large white plastic double sided container I found this little friend staying cool between the two plastic liners.

Bull Shoals Caverns

Last July 2011 my husband and I spent our Anniversary touring the Bull Shoals Caverns and Historical Places. We had loads of fun, there was so much to see and more history to learn. These pictures were taken with my old little compact camera so they are not the best quality pictures, but they are still my memories caught in time! ~Enjoy~


Confederate Saltpeter Pots for the Making of Gunpowder

Entrance to Cave


Water Fall Inside Cavern

Water Fall Inside Cavern