These pictures were emailed to me from a friend who has given me permission to post them on here so I could share them with the world. These pictures are so sweet!

First set of pictures are titled…”How a Bowl Should be Licked!”


Second set of pictures are titled…”Friendship!”



Isn’t about who you have known the longest
It’s about those who came and Never left your side …….”
May you always have love to share, health to spare, and friends that care.”

Hope this put a smile on your face.!


~Help Your Children to Succeed~

It’s summer time and your children are out of school for the next three months. It’s their “summer vacation” and yes they DO deserve a vacation! However, children tend to loss some of what they have learned from school. You know the old saying…”If you don’t use it, then you lose it!”

I know when my children start the new school that it is hard for them to adjust, and get back in the swing of things. At first they struggle because they forgot some of what they learned the yer before.

Well the Internet can BE and IS a very useful too! I began to do a lot of research and I found many wonderful FREE sites for kids of all ages to play games while they continue to learn.

My kids love these sites, and because the sites put learning into games they seem to learn better and faster then when they were in school.

Now I know most kids do not want anything that has to do with ‘learning!” However, if you approach it in a fun way they may be more inclined to play these games.

Visit these FREE sites and play some of the games yourself, so that you will know what you are talking about when you tell your children about it.

My kids were excited about the games because I told them how they get to save the Princess, and how they get to battle Demons, and so on.

My kids started play this games two year ago, and their teachers each year comment on what an improvement they see in my kids. In fact my kids love all these different games so much that they continue to play them while they are in school!

I just thought I would express my opinion, that children need to continue learning throughout the summer that way…”they will not lose what they already learned!”

Here are the sites that I have found so far…

Thanks for reading!

New Free Learning Game Sites are Created ALL the time, so continue to check the Web for More Fun Sites}

~Savannah’s Curse (Part One) ~

I have always loved to write, and for a few years now I have a written many short stories. Here is one of my favorite’s that hope you all will like…


Somewhere on a coast in South Carolina there is a Lighthouse that holds a woman for all eternity. It is said by night her beauty is so grand that no man can look away, and by day she is as plain as one can be. She is cursed as the story tells of her mother who was so in love with a fisherman that she bounded her soul to his forever. Her mother thought that this man returned the same love to her, but in the years to come she found out his heart was not as true to her.

As the story goes…He had been out to sea for almost 5 weeks and her heart was aching so bad to be held in his arms, that she was drawn to the sea on that summer night. She walked and walked the shores of the sea as something inside her guided her to the cliffs that overlooked a cove. She found a path that took her high above the sea and to the cliff’s point. As she approached the edge her heart jumped a beat as she grabbed her chest for what she saw below was her true love’s ship.

She was overcome with joy, and love thinking he had returned home early to see her, and to be there for the birth of their first born. Careful not to hurt herself or her unborn child she made her way down the side of the cliffs to the shore line and to his ship, as her mind raced with many thoughts. “Why did he pull his ship into this cove” was one question she asked and immediately came up with the answer he wanted to surprise her for he was not due home for at least another two weeks. Then she thought, “What if he is not on board, and is finding his way home to me”, but just as she asked herself that question she looked up at the ship and saw candles burning inside.

When she made it to the shore line, she stopped herself before approaching the ship, she needed to calm and gather herself for she did not want to look frighten when her eyes met his and they embraced. She went to the water to check her reflection in what little light was left from the evening’s sun. As she straightened she smoothed her dress and hair, just as she heard someone laughing, a female laughing, and it was coming from her man’s ship. No woman was allowed to go to sea, and the other three men that accompanied him on sea were all married and lived miles into the sea’s town, not on the shore as she and her man lived.

She gathered her dress about her as she quietly made her way to the ship. She stood with her back pressed against the ship as she strained to listen to the voices she heard inside. She was not for sure if it was just two voices she heard or more for they were too muffled for her to make out. So she walked around to the other side of the ship and found a plank had been laid from the ship to the land. She than found a rock to sit upon as she carefully and quietly took off her shoes and walked over to the plank in her stocking feet. Even though the sea was cold as it washed over her feet she did not feel it as she was boiling hot with images of her man with another woman embraced within his arms. She kept screaming in her mind that the female aboard this ship was not there with her man, not the man that she bounded her soul and life too. She quietly walked up the plank and onto the ship as the voices that were one muffled before was becoming clearer with every step she took. The voices she heard was of two people only, one woman, and the other was her man’s sultry voice saying the same sweet nothings he had said to her a million times over to another woman.

As she stood there on the deck of the ship her heart became full of rage and hatred. She raised her hands to the sea and her heart shattered into a million pieces as it was replaced by stone. She prayed to anything and anyone that would listen to help bring the wrath of hell upon her man and his mistress. As she prayed the winds stirred the trees and the ocean; and a chill fell upon the air. Her hair was blown all about her, and with each breath she inhaled she took within her the powers from the sea.

As the storm within her grew more and more, the skies of the sea became darker, and the winds became higher and higher causing wave upon wave to crash into the ship. As black ravens circled and screeched above, her eyes grew red with a fire of hate as turned and faced the Captain’s door. She was turning the door’s knob in her hand when her vision became clear of what was to become of his fate, his mistress’ fate, and even her own fate…

~Fun in the Sun~

Today we went to the beach to have a cook out and we did some swimming. My little guy got his belly full and fell asleep in the water on his inflated boat….TOO CUTE!

I did put him the shade {my umbrella)) because of his fair skin plus he had 85spf sun block on too. We had a blast. I just had to share these pictures!!

~Have a Fun & Safe Memorial Weekend~